PWT – “The blog you know, but the journey you don’t. Here’s my journey”

Just like every ordinary guy, I too was attracted towards earning money online. As soon as I completed my Digital marketing course, I created a blog and started working on it. I used my SEO skills to enhance my blog. 

But, soon I realised blogging is not so easy as. And earning money through blog is also not very easy. The majority of the youtube videos which I watched, said that you can earn 1000’s of dollars through Blogging.

But after working on my blog, I came to know that earning is still far away. I need to work hard on my blog first. 

Many of the bloggers don’t want to invest in hosting and doesn’t want to go for WordPress, they like to use WordPress to create their blog. I too was one of them.

At first, my blog was very simple. I used to use a free Blogger template which was not very optimized and was also lacking good design. Then I came to know about different Blogger templates.

The first thing I did was, changed my Blogger template, in that process I learned more about HTML, CSS and JS.

I then modified the template as per my need. And I was able to create a premium fast loading Blogger blog.

Then I went on researching more about stuff that I can do on WordPress to enhance SEO and User Experience. And I started trying new things and optimizing more and more.

And by now, I have failed 100’s of times, every time I have failed, I have learned a new thing related to Blogging. 

Without failing, you can’t get the best out of your blog.

When I came to know that there are so many difficulties while creating a blog on WordPress, I thought to share all my blogging knowledge with the world. 

So, this was the idea behind creating Pro WordPress Tips.

PWT is mainly created to help people who wish to create professional blog using WordPress. I started this blog with the sole motto of earning, but now my main motto is to help people with tried and tested information related to WordPress. I will try my best to provide the best solution one can have.