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 Google's March 2024 Core update & Spam Policies:  Google Drops SEO Bombshell! Is Your Site Safe?

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Google cracks down on bad content!  New update targets low-quality sites.

Here are 7 key guidelines that you need to follow to keep your site safe from getting penalty.

1. Prioritize expertise & user needs. Build authority with in-depth content.

2. No more thin, scraped content.  Focus on unique, helpful info.

3. Write for your readers, not bots. Avoid keyword stuffing & spam tactics.

4. Beware of content scaling tricks. Even scaled content needs human oversight.

5. Guest posts? Demand high quality or Google may penalize your site.

6. Expired domains a shortcut to trouble. Organic growth is the safe path.

7. Don't forget: a great user experience is SEO gold!

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