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Latest SEO Updates Dec 2023: Google Changes, AI Advancements, and More

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1. Google to Discontinue Google Signals in Early Next Year.

2. Introducing Gemini: Google's Advanced AI in Bard and Undergoing Tests in SGE.

3. Google May Add Business Operating Hours as a New Local Ranking Factor.

4. Google's November 2023 Reviews Update Completed in 29 Days.

5. Google Now Displays 30-Day Low Prices in Product Results.

6. Google Takes Action Against Parasite SEO Issues.

7. Google SGE Excludes Display of Google's Internal Ranking Factors.

8. X Unveils Grok: A New Competitor to ChatGPT.

9. Google to Rebrand 'Parasite SEO' with a New Term.

10. About This Source' Feature Does Not Influence Ranking, Says Google.

11. Decline in Google Groups Search Ranking After Visibility Boost.

12. Google Supports Ranking for Both PDFs and HTML Files

13. Domain Age Not a Ranking Factor, Confirms John Mueller."

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